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Audio + Lyrics: Terfix — Birthright Audio + Lyrics: Terfix — Birthright

  Terfix has returned with another spirit filled song titled "Birthright" This Great song talks about knowing our inheritance (Birthright) in Christ.  Eph 1:3-23 and Mark 16:18 DOWNLOAD AUDIO HERE  LYRICS Intro Ah suh di tin guh Terfix Holyghost tins come fi mashup di place  Eh V1 Where's the fear gonna come from  Sickness gonna come from Where's the lack gonna come from (where that where )  Anointed (I is) Highly connected (I is) Can't be defeated  The glory of God i is ( yes i is) Divine health (i is) Too much wealth (i is) Can't be defeated  The glory of God i is (yes i is) The one pon the throne is my papa Even death my Jesus conquered But when di devil try fi tempt or whisper otherwise mi tell em seh seh Chorus Hear this Know this Hear this  I know my Birthright 2x V2 Birthright  My birthright Original number one, Zion born Alright  wah mi ah taak bout prrrrrrrrrrrh Why should i be broke  Central bank of Zion wi are the government I refuse to be small  I