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"5 Reasons Hiphop is Still Struggling in Nigeria" By Award Winning Rapper "Wordslay"

"5 Reasons Hiphop is Still Struggling in Nigeria" By Award Winning Rapper "Wordslay"

5 reasons why Hip Hop is still struggling in Nigeria

1. The foundation that was not well built in the Sence that the OGs didn't set up platforms to support the younger generation.

2. There's no unity amongst rappers pride and hating amongst rappers affects the growth of the culture.

3. There are no investors especially in the north part of Nigeria, my city Kaduna don't even have any competent record company at the moment. KD world use to be the record label back in the days but its been a while we heard from them so more investors willing to help.

4. Rappers need to learn how to relate with their fans with the lyrics they use, this is Nigeria so when you rapping as a Nigerian you don't need to sound all foreign sometime make we dey yan wetin all man fit understand.

5. Put your money where your mouth is because like it or not money rules almost everything this days and if you wanna make money of your craft you gat to be willing to spend too. I know say e no easy but trust me if God give you the talent him go also give you ways to fund am.

Thanks to @Krockcitydegreez for this Opportunity. much love from your favourite "Lyricist On The Roll" Word Slay.

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