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The Team from The Founders visited our CEO Of Phytobyte LLC for an exclusive interview and it was value packed


The Team from The Founders visited our CEO Of Phytobyte LLC for an exclusive interview and it was value packed.

During this interview session, Ms CHINAZA IZUNDU Also Known As Dr Chi opens up on how she built the leading nootropic company in Nigeria,she shares her brand story, advice, and business hacks for every young neuroscientist out there.

Enjoy the interview below.

Hi Dr Chi, what’s your background, and what are you currently working on?

I’m CHINAZA IZUNDU , a Neuroscientist, Entrepreneur, and Research fellow. I’m the co-Founder and CEO of Phytobyte, the world’s first functional vita nootropic company that provides support to children living with neurological and functional neurological disorders.

What motivated you to get started with Phytobyte?

So back in 2017, my cousin opened up to me the struggles she was facing raising her special needs child by herself. He was 2 years and 7 months, hyperactive, placed on 13 pills daily and frequent hospital visits.

As a single mother, she barely had any money left after paying all his healthcare bills right there in Philadelphia where she lived

So I took it upon myself to find an inexpensive, lasting support to help her son with speech and calmness. In 2018, I saved up about 130,000 naira and I started to research ingredients. I would send requests to universities, get research material and in 2019, we made our first ever A+ which had passed all its third party testing and so we gave it to my nephew to use

After 2 months, he blurted out a full sentence at the dinner table and his mother froze in shock . Over the coming weeks, reports came from his school that his hyperactivity had reduced considerably and he was able to sit still and learn. 

We kept growing by gifting to kids and welfare and we received 98% positive feedback in 16 months.

We officially released A+ in 2022 and have sold over 3000 bottles.

The market for Phytobyte is huge and boisterous and the product serves a fulfilling purpose for parents and us.

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